About The Estate

We were looking for a tranquil place in the country so we could relax and enjoy each day. While we both grew up in the country, we had lived in suburban neighborhoods in major cities while raising our four children. With our children all grown, we wanted to return to our roots and what we found was a country estate that we immediately connected with on an emotional level. We immediately felt at home and knew we had an amazing canvas for us to create a special place. It's difficult to capture the feeling that we and our guests have when they are here, however, everyone always tells us how peaceful they feel while their visiting. It's nice to stroll from the labyrinth by the guest house past the main house overlooking the front meadow and onto the club house enjoying the flower gardens, fresh air, and natural beauty surrounding the property.

We routinely remind each other how blessed we are that get to live here. A family of deer, a turkey trot, the bouncing bunnies, the independent cranes, and the occasional fast fox make for near perfection here at Peacock Estate. We decided to open up the estate to special events and artists alike to share in the beauty and pureness of our home. We have an affinity for artists and craftsman creative gift and felt we could offer a backdrop to their creations. There's nothing more pure than someone using their hands to create a work worthy of appreciation. We believe our estate serves as nice place to harmonize with these creations.

As we enjoyed creating our country estate, we love to share the result of our combined passion with those who truly want to experience a special life moment with us. The club house, croquet court and pool surrounded by nature makes for a long gazes and deep breaths to clear the mind and soul.

Our vision has and will always be consistent with our desire to have a pure country estate where our family, friends and guests can feel better for just being here. As soon as you drive past the white fence outlining the front meadow you will start feel the stress leave your body and be taken into a serene and comforting feeling you can't quite explain. We will always endeavor to maintain the pureness of our estate.

Driving up the garden stoned driveway curving through the woods you'll come upon the Club House with two quaint red barns nearby. As you begin to walk down to the veranda, you'll notice the charm and uniqueness we have here with view of the courtyard and pool and the inviting croquet court.

We want our guests to enjoy the Club Peacock Estate with service seems to know what you want before you ask for it. Maintaining the balance of remaining in the background while being present when needed is where we strive so our guests can focus on the pleasure and enjoyment of their life moment here at the Peacock Estate.

Michael & Angela Hoover